My current artistic practice encompasses collage art, photography, film and sound art, often using elements of performance. The objectified self is contrasted with the subjectivity of emotional truth. My work explores the boundaries between natural and unnatural, abandonment and control, as well as sanity and insanity. I’m especially interested in invisible illness. and its impact on the sense of self. I aim to raise questions to do with imprisonment inside the body and mind, identity, connection and social adaptation - challenges disadvantaged people typically face in today’s society. How can society help its members overcome shame?

I'm a Finnish visual artist resident in Wales, United Kingdom. The promotion of mental, emotional and physical health through my art is of the essence. I do this by laying out view points on the human condition, by questioning the sanity of society and the collective consciousness, as well as seeking answers to many of the challenges and dilemmas that humans are facing.

My collages are all hand crafted with only the rare exception. Digital processing is only part of the creative process of making collages, a means to an end. I believe that the process of working with real materials enhances my sense of presence in the real world, but also that the finished work, with all its little flaws, conveys more emotion and humanism. While perfecting my expression and communicating my ideas succinctly is of the essence, I also believe that the acceptance of imperfection in all its forms is essential to a healthier body and mind. My collages, abstract photography and artist's films thus tend towards that which isn't too sleek and sanitized. The main focus of my photography is in fact "junk aesthetics", and apart from my day-to-day photography which is more conventional.

By adding layers of dimensions, I also add layers of meaning when I 'collage' a variety of artistic media such as simple video clips, photographs, art work and sound into my multimedia projects. Although conceived digitally, the unpolished expression is still in line with my other work.

During the creative process, the subconscious and the conscious mind should collaborate to create something that can be understood by many people from various points of view, and isn't left to chance. I cherish figurative as well as a non-figurative expression, and often blend the two.

In short, my art is about a sincere dialogue, but also about the art of living life mindfully, intelligently and deeply.